“This letter is to share history about Archie St. Clair as I know him. It has been my pleasure to be acquainted with Archie since the year 2000 and to work closely with him on a special project for the past three years. That project being the planning and dedication of the Major Ripley Allen Arnold statue located in Fort Worth, Texas.

One only needs to view his work to determine what a talent Archie has. To work with him so many years allows one to come to know him as a person and to easily learn how absolutely dedicated this artist is to his work.

During the years of planning for the Major’s statue (2010 to June 2014) all of us who worked with Archie continued to marvel at the drive and passion Archie has for his work which of course is reflected in exquisite detail in his work.

Speaking specifically about the Major Arnold project that I was involved with from the beginning as Planning Project Coordinator:

Archie was always ahead of schedule and would constantly give us more than we ever expected. He supervised every aspect of the building and placing of the statue down to the last “rock.” He worked tirelessly to always get it “right” and please the project group.

He poured his love, passion, talent and best of all his HEART into to the statue of the Major. Looking at all of his work one can see those descriptions poured into each sculpture. Lastly…Archie is a rare totally honest man. His word is truly his bond. “

Clara Wallace Ruddell, Tarrant County Historical Commission
Project Coordinator for Major Ripley Arnold Statue
5134 Mitchell Saxon Road
Fort Worth, Texas 76140