Archie St. Clair International Bronze Sculptor

To capture the twisting, writhing power of a rodeo bull – to enter into the tension as two children place hand over hand up a baseball bat – to feel a sense of warm, timeless camaraderie crouching by the campfire – to reach out and touch a majestic deer frozen in time – to experience the exhilaration as a young woman tastes her first rapturous freedom ... these are some of the emotions captured in bronze through the works of international bronze sculptor, Archie St. Clair.

To own one of these limited edition treasures – to live daily with the pure, smooth lines and intimate detail that bring inspired thought to life – is to live with a stirring beauty, a passion and a heart connection that enriches and adds an element of joy and daily wonder to your life.

Please enjoy this site and the photographic selection from the gallery of bronzes created by Archie St. Clair.